Things are Hopping here at Kinder Kouture

Busy as an Energizer Bunny around here at Kinder Kouture, but we can always find time to share some of our beautiful pictures. Stefanie Astronaut Photography was kind enough to take some gorgeous pictures of little girls modeling our EASTER dresses. The pictures turned out to be beautiful, and I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am to share them with you. So come take a look, and click on the link. You are going to love this.

Monet’s Roses

  Introducing our MONET ROSE Dress.  This lovely print has been featured in my shop before, so the customer requested the fabric, the pattern and the eyelet.  Great job Jeanne.  We love it. It is soooooooo PINK!  Perfect for a...

We love Red Gingham

This week we will be introducing a few new dresses and fabrics. Hope you are excited? One of my favorite manufacturers of fabric is Lecien. It is a japanese fabric company that produces gorgeous high quality cotton fabrics. I have been doing business with them since 2005, and I love their designs. Again, we wanted to use one of our most popular selling pattern designs for this dress. It is available in sizes 6mos-6yrs, and it comes in two different colors.

Princess Time

I just love designing dresses for Easter. I have such fond memories of Easter, both as a kid and celebrating with my kids. I mean name me another holiday, in which we get to dress up our kids in the cutest, daintiest, prince and princess like clothing? Where we get free smiles and perfect picture taking moments? Where we get to shop for candy - all decorated in such lovely cute shapes and colors. Pastels are everywhere. It is a royal treat. And who does not love a bunny? Too cute.


Four years ago I tested a beautiful pattern using flutters.    At the time I had no idea that flutters would become so popular or for that matter requested.  But it is true.  The flutter dresses are among our most...

More Bunny Hill

    I just wanted to pass on a quick note that we have uploaded another cute dress to the Easter Collection.  Introducing our Bunny Hill Dress (White).  Both the Mint and White Bunny Hill Dresses are made from the...

A visit to Bunny Hill

Finally……and I really do mean that…..let me introduce you to our first Easter dress for 2017.  The Bunny Hill collection shows off bunnies enjoying their everyday life – hugging, collecting carrots, playing.  You name it, and it is here.  Adorable and cute, and the...

What’s coming next?

Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope all of you had a wonderful relaxing time with family and friends over the Christmas holidays.  We here at Kinder Kouture enjoy this time of year so much.  We are very thankful for all of...

We are back..with a new address

I just love the beginning of a season, and I think FALL has to be one of my favorites. The crisp cool air, new colors, the holidays, and maybe just a change of pace gets me all excited. This post is a bit more personal. We finally moved into our new house. The renovations took three months, and I am so happy about all the changes. The kitchen was our largest expense, but I am happy to tell you that the stove works just fine. I could not wait to try a new recipe from Pioneer Woman for Banana Bread. Delish. Our sewing studio is up and running, even though our stockroom is still waiting to be finished. No matter what, we are working, and getting those Christmas orders out the door. Thank you to all my customers for being so patient, and letting us get this done. Hope you are having a wonderful FALLish day!