Back-to-School Tops

Nothing gets as much wear as a cute tops that can be paired with pants, leggings or a skirt. I just finished adding a few to our site for Back To School. Cute, colorful and unique clothing made especially for your little girl.

Nice day for a bike ride. I try to make all of Olivia's clothes, so that includes simple and cute outfits that she can wear to Karate practice with her brother. Here is an outfit I made recently for her. The shorts and top can be worn to school, shopping, or out to dinner. I am rather pleased with the end result.

Introducing Candi

Oh, I am soooooooooo excited about this one.  Thank goodness the sun was shining today, and we finally got a chance to take some pictures.  I needed the colors to be just perfect or else I did not want to...

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