Meadow Bloom

As promised, I have taken this lovely green floral print and turned it into a lovely dress and a gorgeous baby bubble. Adorned with an aqua bow and lots of eyelet laces, I hope you like it.

Creamy Vintage Rose Baby Bubble

Another custom baby bubble in our lovely Creamy Vintage Rose fabric. It is selling fast, and we can only sell a few more. Thank goodness the next bubble is lined up for this weekend. Come take a look at the next fabric being offered.

Poolside Penny Set

Interested in purchasing this cute Poolside Penny Set? Well how about a 15% coupon code. Just head on over to Kinder Kouture Clothing and get it while you can.

Focused on Sunshine

Just a quick note to let everyone know what we have added this week to our website. Summer and lots of sunshine are headed our way and I want everyone to be prepared with something pretty.