Monet’s Roses


Introducing our MONET ROSE Dress.  This lovely print has been featured in my shop before, so the customer requested the fabric, the pattern and the eyelet.  Great job Jeanne.  We love it.

It is soooooooo PINK!  Perfect for a little girl, and perfect for so many different occasions.  My kind of dress!

I love the watercolor roses, and the various different colors featured in this dress.  Pair it up with a pair of aqua, yellow, or green leggings or sweater, and you have a completely different outfit.

I will be making two more of these dresses for my customer, so if you want one please get your orders in quickly.


  1. Jeannine says:

    Thank you Shannon. Love this dress too, and I am so happy to finally meet the daughter. Now all I need is a pic with all three granddaughters. LOL. Thank you for allowing me to make such gorgeous dresses for your daughters. I really appreciate the work and the great ideas.

  2. Shannon says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! Jeanne is my mom, and our daughters are so lucky to have such a creative awesome grandma with an affinity for all things pink! And such a talented lady to create these beautiful dresses! Thank you Jeannine!

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