Little girls love to dance

Need something formal? I constantly get asked for wedding dresses, graduation dresses, formal dresses for dinner parties, and elegant events. In this case, the customer needed a dress for a father and daughter dance. This classic black and white dress will surprise you.


When you get the opportunity to work with bolts of fabric, the hardest decision you face as a designer is “What pattern should I use?”.  You laugh, but if I had my way I would make 10 different dresses for...


Yippee, today is the first day of FALL.  I hope everyone is as excited as we are.  At the moment our temperatures in Florida are just perfect, and the air feels crisp clean and dry.  Acorns are falling off the trees,...


Finally, we were able to photograph, post, and upload these lovely pictures of our second Halloween Dress……….the Cassie Dress……yes named for the famous CASPER character that everyone knows and loves. 


There comes a time each year, in which I feel a need, or maybe an urge for FALL to come.  Most likely due to the very hot and humid summer months that get on my nerves, or go on way...


Wow, it seems like I have one new item after another right now……but this one is a custom for a customer that wanted the skirt and turquoise knit bodice combined.  The details were left up to me.


I am so in love with this new fabric, and even more with this new design which I first discovered on an australian blog.  Before any questions come flying at me, I designed this pattern myself and no, the pattern is not...

Picnic Skirt

Every year around this time, I decide to make some skirts.  This year things have been a bit busy for me, but my daughter reminded me that she wanted more skirts to wear to school.  So, as I was cleaning...

Savannah Rose….

All I week long, I could not shake this nagging feeling that I had forgotten something…… just would not leave me alone. Of course, this week there was so much on my plate that it could have been a number...

Christmas in July

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] I know CRAAAAAAAAAZY right?  The last thing I want to think about right now is Christmas, but it is that time of year to think ahead, and so I must bring on the first Christmas designs.  

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