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Available Delivery Dates will be shown on your checkout page. Ready-to-ship items will ship in 48 hours after payment is received. Please be sure to email me about specific sizes and dates if necessary. Be sure to check out our SPECIALS! page.


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Our journey began about eight years ago, right after my children were born.  I truly love to create anything and everything that is beautiful, and with the help of the worldwide web, I was able to offer these gifts to a community that appreciated this fact as much as I did.  Kinder Kouture offers handmade items that are made right here in the USA in our studio.  All of our clothing is custom made to fit your child with precision.  Our unique fabrics and designs are all a part of what makes this endeavor so much fun .


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Beautiful dress and quickly shipped too, thank you! …. Very happy costumer here :))

Lovely 🙂 fits her great thanks

Thanks they fit him to perfection 🙂 love the suspenders. The pictures had to be re scheduled but I am sure they’re going to turn out beautiful.

If I could only have these in every color 😉


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We believe in quality over quantity, and meticulously piece each garment together with tender loving care.  We adhere to the highest qualities and standards, and continue to offer our customers clothing that can be handed down from one generation to another.  Most importantly, we want to make your child feel beautiful.


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